Georgia Aarons, Associate

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAI-AAAAJDQ2YmVmZGVjLTMyNTUtNDBmZi1hZjJhLWZmOTliMjU0ZTU1ZAGeorgia spent the first six years of her career recruiting for investment banks and Fortune 500 companies looking for M&A talent.  She later transitioned into communications, and spent three years in London with a PR agency. At Chaloner, she combines both her executive search and communications experience, recruiting for clients on a national basis at all levels.  A graduate of Columbia and Cambridge, Georgia has a passion for writing and strategic communications. Her recent publications include “Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications” (European Financial Review, March 2011); “Communicating Corporate Responsibility”, a chapter in Corporate Responsibility by Paul Argenti (McGraw Hill, June 2015); and the editing of the most widely used corporate communications textbook in American business schools, Corporate Communication (Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 7th ed., 2015). Georgia lives in Greenwich Village with her husband and daughter and spends weekends in Woodstock, NY.

More About Georgia

Best advice I’ve ever gotten:
Don’t judge people’s insides by their outsides.

People would be surprised to know:
I started a PhD in Renaissance Literature.

First concert:
Dave Matthews Band

Best thing about Chaloner/being a recruiter:
Working with people who are looking to positively change their lives!

A snapshot of your bucket list: I’d like to go to the Oscars one day, or actually- the Vanity Fair afterparty!