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Tina Dugas, Senior Associate

Tina Dugas is a native New Yorker who discovered a passion for communications and PR as an intern in college, and honed her communications and leadership skills within PR agency and corporate settings. Now a resident and fan of the Windy City, Tina supports other PR and communications professionals in her career as a recruiter, where she helps candidates to identify and secure new opportunities across the country, among clients that include Fortune corporations, agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Throughout her career, Tina has supported organizations such as PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) and BPRS (the Black PR Society), and she proudly serves the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) on the Midwest Region Scholarship Selection Committee. She is a regular participant in DePaul University’s PR curriculum activities, and she volunteers her time helping students, budding professionals, and seasoned executives to fine-tune their resumes and interview skills.

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More About Tina

Guilty pleasure — Butter pecan ice cream and Sorachi Ace beer made by the Brooklyn Brewery

People would be surprised to know — I’m from New York City because I don’t carry an expected accent…until I utter the word “door” (which has 2 syllables in my world), or I get excited

Hidden talent — I’m a classically trained pianist, but along the way, I also learned to play the accordion, flute, guitar, violin and the xylophone!

If I wasn’t a recruiter — I’d be a veterinarian or would live and work in an animal sanctuary since I’ve always loved owning and caring for birds, reptiles, dogs, cats and much more!

My first job — from college was working for a small PR firm where my first client was a pet product association, and I became their first Director of the Pet Information Bureau

Best thing about being a recruiter — Being able to channel a passion for matchmaking by helping people of all ages connect to fulfilling jobs. And of course, being able to meet so many new and interesting people every day is icing on the cake!