Recruiting Survival in a Good Economy

As odd is it may sound, trying to find talent in a good economy can be quite a challenge. Employers finally have additional dollars to invest in new hires and the “investment hires” only to find the pool of qualified applicants looking to make a job change extremely small. In the most recent BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) report from April 2018,, we see the national unemployment rate has dropped to 3.9%. When you dig a little deeper, you see … [Read more...]

Be a Candidate for Culture

For today's #takemebacktuesday, we revisit the importance of company culture. It’s no secret that company culture influences hiring decisions, but at some organizations, (like Zappos) it plays a role in firing decisions as well. Failing to contribute to company culture is a legitimate reason for dismissal according to CEO Tony Hseih. He says, “Our whole belief is if you get the culture right, then most of the other stuff, like delivering great customer service or building a long-term brand or … [Read more...]

Gaining Perspective

For today's #takemebacktuesday, let's reexamine the value of stepping back from a hobby or process to get a different view. The most common complaint we hear from candidates is frustration with the job search, and the most common feedback we hear from hiring managers is frustration with the candidate search. This week I'll offer three common trouble areas in the search, and ways to change your perspective. Ask yourself, What is the biggest roadblock? When the process is overwhelming, I … [Read more...]

Crafting a Compelling Job Description

For the final #takemebacktuesday post, we revisit how a job description can play a significant role in the hiring process; from the moment it is created, to its approval within an organization, to being posted, to sharing with candidates, to when it’s used as an interview tool. It will be seen by many, many people and really becomes part of your organization’s reputation. We see a lot of job descriptions in our office and this week I asked our team to share their opinions on what makes a good … [Read more...]

PR Close-Up: Company Culture, Benefits, and Perks

Hiring managers know that when candidates are interviewing, they’re not just considering the job, they’re also considering the company culture. While company culture can mean anything from the physical layout of the office to the company org chart to the culture of communication, this week I’d like to discuss the ways in which a company can invest in their employees. Through professional development, benefits, and perks, companies can create an exciting and unique company culture for their … [Read more...]

PR Close-Up: Work-Life Balance is a Joint Effort

In every search Chaloner takes on, candidates want to know: what’s the work-life balance at this company? In today’s workforce, work-life balance is a buzzword, but it’s important to consider what it really means to you. Throughout the many spheres of public relations and communications, specific roles have their own time demands, but in a world of smartphones, what can you do? This week, I’d like to explore practices both employees and employers are doing to achieve a work-life … [Read more...]

Reach Your 2016 Hiring Goals

Happy New Year, and welcome back to The Interview Room! We have exciting things planned for the blog this year as we continue to investigate and celebrate the ins and outs of hiring and job searches. As many of us emerge from the food- and family-haze of the holidays, we think about goals for this year-- not just personally, but professionally as well. Chaloner is entering its 37th year of executive communications recruiting and we make it our business to help companies reach their hiring goals … [Read more...]

Should You Hire an Entrepreneur?

This week’s blog post is written by Chaloner’s Georgia Aarons. Georgia joined the NY Chaloner office earlier this year. She started her career recruiting for investment banks and Fortune 500 companies before working in London for a PR agency. A graduate of Columbia and Cambridge, Georgia also has a passion for writing and strategic communications. Her recent publications include “Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications” as well as the editing of the most widely used corporate … [Read more...]

Gaining Perspective

As I've read the past couple months of Interview Room blog posts written by our fabulous guest bloggers, Kassie Wilner, Jenn Saldarelli, and Christine Santeusanio, I've thought about the value of stepping back from any hobby or process to get a different view. This type of reexamination is also helpful for candidates and hiring managers. The most common complaint we hear from candidates is frustration with the job search, and the most common feedback we hear from hiring managers is frustration … [Read more...]

Hiring Rut, Part Four: The Offer Phase

This is the fourth and final installment of our series on hiring ruts, and we’re nearing the most exciting part of the process. With a well-crafted job description, excellent candidate pool, and revealing interviews behind you, hopefully it’s time for you to extend an offer. However, it’s not time to relax quite yet! Here are some tips to help you finalize your candidate. DEFINE SALARY REQUIREMENTS In this final stage, make sure you have verified all the information about salary requirements … [Read more...]