Hiring Rut, Part Four: The Offer Phase

This is the fourth and final installment of our series on hiring ruts, and we’re nearing the most exciting part of the process. With a well-crafted job description, excellent candidate pool, and revealing interviews behind you, hopefully it’s time for you to extend an offer. However, it’s not time to relax quite yet! Here are some tips to help you finalize your candidate. DEFINE SALARY REQUIREMENTS In this final stage, make sure you have verified all the information about salary requirements … [Read more...]

Hiring Rut, Part Two: Filling Your Talent Pool

This week, I’d like to focus on cultivating an exciting talent pool. Of course, every organization has its own hiring process, but no matter the search, there are ways for a hiring manager to build or improve their talent pool. Here at Chaloner, we have a process that helps us move beyond the obvious steps to fill any position, no matter the needs of the individual search. Here are three questions we like to ask ourselves: What are the selling points? It’s no secret that candidates want to … [Read more...]

Hiring Rut, Part One: Change the Job Description

Nearly every company will, from time to time, find themselves in a hiring rut. Over the next four weeks I’ll offer some tips on how to break out of that rut and attract candidates you love and, more importantly, are right for the job. This week I want to focus on the job description. Rethinking the job description is often an easy fix to shake up your applicant pool. Change the job title Many employers will use a job title specific to the internal structure of the company or will use a … [Read more...]

References, Part Two: The Nuts and Bolts

What exactly is being checked in a reference check? I compared notes with the rest of our Chaloner team and there is a shared rhythm we tend to follow for these conversations. We identified some fundamental things we hope to learn from a good reference. Getting Down to the Details The reference has information that no other part of the hiring process can reveal: first-hand experience working with the candidate. You want to frame the conversation in a way that the reference can speak openly … [Read more...]

For Millennials, Mission Matters

American author Frederick Buechner says your vocation ought to be the place “where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” His words seem to have taken root in the millennial generation, for whom mission matters as much as compensation, title and lifestyle. Of course those other things are important too, but studies and experience have shown an undeniable insistence on social principle coming from the millennial talent entering the workforce.  More than 50% of millennials report … [Read more...]

What Makes You Happy?

Sometimes it is the simplest questions that catch us the most off guard. I know several hiring managers who ask a version of the question: What makes you happy in your chosen job or career? If you’re not asking this question of candidates, you might want to start. And if you’re not prepared to answer this question, you may want to give it some thought. Several years ago Forbes identified the only three true job interview questions: Can you do the job? Will you love the job? Can we tolerate … [Read more...]

The 2015 Market Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Jobs

The Forecast The reports are coming in and most polls suggest a healthy job market for the year ahead. CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast suggests that more than one third of employers plan to add full-time, permanent employees in 2015; the best outlook since 2006. And, there’s good news for skilled public relations professionals and marketers especially. Salesforce reports that 70 percent of the 5,000 marketers they polled plan to boost social media ad spend. MSN named “Marketing Executive” … [Read more...]

On Recruiting Millennials

Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some tremendous millennial talent. These young leaders and communicators are highly coveted for their fresh energy, relevance and digital savvy. Of course not every generation X or generation Y candidate is wired the same way, but there are some shared values across this talent pool. Are you cultivating a work environment that they will thrive in? How do you appeal to millennials in the hiring process? Stress work-life … [Read more...]

The Case Study Question

It’s the kind of question you cannot prepare for. That may be why many of the hiring managers we work with find situational questions so informative. If you are assessing talent and not asking these questions, you may want to consider introducing some into your interview line-up. Asking a candidate to respond to a hypothetical business scenario can reveal how well he/she listens, thinks strategically and reacts to new situations. Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot, can attest. “Case-style questions give … [Read more...]

What to Expect When You’re Interviewing: Part Two

The First Round Good news! After reviewing your resume and being screened by the recruiter, you’ve been invited to speak with the hiring manager. This means you must possess some of the skills and experience necessary for the role and should feel encouraged to be moving into this next stage of the process. Over the years we’ve seen enough different interviewing styles to know there are some things you can expect and some you simply cannot. So with the information you do have, how do you … [Read more...]