Tech Social Good – Worldwide

Wikimedia, the sixth most visited website in the world, is all about reducing barriers to free knowledge. Did you know that they have introduced a way for even more people to have affordable access to that knowledge base? Their latest initiative, Wikipedia Zero, enables users in developing countries to access Wikipedia free of data charges. Mobile handset prices have dropped significantly in recent years, but data charges can still be as high as 25% of monthly income in places like Kenya. … [Read more...]

We Kiva. Do You?

Here at Chaloner Associates, we believe in business. While most of our client companies are medium-to large-size organizations in the United States, many sprang from the creativity of a single individual or group of individuals who borrowed some money from friends or family to bring their dreams to fruition. Kiva, a nonprofit organization founded by a college student, supports individual entrepreneurs by providing mircoloans to help people change their lives through business, or … [Read more...]