What to Do (And Not Do) On LinkedIn

Lets revisit what do to and not do on LinkedIn for this week's #takemebacktuesday blog post. LinkedIn now has over 400 million members and 40% of its users visit the site daily. Used by 98% of recruiters, there is no denying the importance of having a presence on this platform. I spent some time this spring counseling young professionals on their online presence through the Step Up organization.  We discussed the difference between professional and personal networking and how to maintain a … [Read more...]

Skills Building: Crisis Communications

Today, I’m continuing our skills building series in which I discuss different techniques, trends and tips in specific communications functions. This week I’ll be focusing on crisis communications and the do’s and don’t’s of social media as a part of a crisis communications plan. When your social media accounts are being bombarded with complains or negative comments, here are some tactics to consider: Don’t censor If you’re receiving criticism via your Twitter or Facebook page, it can be … [Read more...]