The Qualities of a Leader

Let's revisit a post featuring leadership qualities during Women's History Month. #takemebacktuesday Here we are at the end of Women’s History Month and it’s fitting that March featured many well-run, well-attended events at women’s organizations across the country. I had the pleasure of attending the Young Women in Digital event in Boston and most recently a Step Up Women’s Panel on Women of Character, Courage and Conviction.  The panel featured Kathy Callahan, VP & CIO at Prudential … [Read more...]

Be a Candidate for Culture

For today's #takemebacktuesday, we revisit the importance of company culture. It’s no secret that company culture influences hiring decisions, but at some organizations, (like Zappos) it plays a role in firing decisions as well. Failing to contribute to company culture is a legitimate reason for dismissal according to CEO Tony Hseih. He says, “Our whole belief is if you get the culture right, then most of the other stuff, like delivering great customer service or building a long-term brand or … [Read more...]

How Social Media Can Power Your Search

Lets revisit what to remember about social media when on the job search for today's #takemebacktuesday. If you are looking for a great job, here are three important things to keep in mind: 1. Tell your story 2. Keep your story up-to-date 3. Broadcast your story Social Media works for all three.  The people you really want to reach - the hiring managers or the recruiters - are already fully engaged on Social Media. 1. Social media tells your story Your compelling candidacy is already … [Read more...]

Defining Success

Today's #takemebacktuesday reflects on the age old interview question of "defining success". Over your career, one of the most common interview questions you’ll hear is “How do you define success?” While it’s a favorite of hiring managers and recruiters, it’s widely disliked by many candidates, who feel frustrated by the open-ended nature of the question. However, I believe if a candidate understands why this question is being asked, they can better consider their own answer and can provide … [Read more...]

An Interview With a Next Generation Publicist

Today's #takemebacktuesday post recalls a conversation with next generation publicist, Joel Mandina. I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with a favorite candidate, Joel Mandina. Joel came to us from Keating Magee in New Orleans and we placed him at Mullen in Boston. He went onto launch his own company, VICE Marketing and has just completed a graduate degree in Global Communications at the American University in Paris. Joel’s experience has given him a unique perspective on what it … [Read more...]

Before the Interview

For today's #takemebacktuesday post, lets look back on a few interview preparation tips. “Being unprepared heightens nerves,” says virtuoso flute player, James Galway. He would know; an unrehearsed performance is as painful as an unprepared job interview. If nothing else, walking in the room with your homework done will give you confidence. Your preparation will demonstrate your work ethic to the employer, as well as your sincere interest in the role at hand.  Look at what the company’s … [Read more...]

What Makes You Happy?

Lets take a moment to reflect on a previous post. What makes you happy? Sometimes it is the simplest questions that catch us the most off guard. I know several hiring managers who ask a version of the question: What makes you happy in your chosen job or career? If you’re not asking this question of candidates, you might want to start. And if you’re not prepared to answer this question, you may want to give it some thought. Several years ago Forbes identified the only three true job … [Read more...]

5 Things About…Dressing for Success

With summer in full effect, lets revisit a few tips on dressing for success. Appearance can make or break an interview. This may seem petty, but the bottom line is that an employer needs to have confidence that you’ll represent them well while on the job. 1. Dress Professionally…even if it’s Friday Unless told otherwise, for communications and marketing positions, wear a suit. For men, this means the obvious: jacket and tie. For women, slacks and suit jacket, or a conservative dress with … [Read more...]

Know Your Skills

For this week's #takemebacktuesday post, lets review the best practices for showcasing your skills. There is a reason they say, “the proof is in the pudding,” not “the proof is in the pudding’s degree,” or “the proof is in the pudding’s references.” Though these things are factors, at the end of the day hiring decisions come down to your abilities. Have you convinced the hiring manager that you possess the hard and soft skills to carry out the function of the role? How can you sell and … [Read more...]

What to Do (And Not Do) On LinkedIn

Lets revisit what do to and not do on LinkedIn for this week's #takemebacktuesday blog post. LinkedIn now has over 400 million members and 40% of its users visit the site daily. Used by 98% of recruiters, there is no denying the importance of having a presence on this platform. I spent some time this spring counseling young professionals on their online presence through the Step Up organization.  We discussed the difference between professional and personal networking and how to maintain a … [Read more...]