Feature on Biznology.com’s Wednesday Wisdom

In the latest installment of Biznology.com's Wednesday Wisdom series, our very own Amy Segelin shares her insights on the "holistic communicator" in an article written by John G. Clemons. According to Amy, “The social and digital revolution has changed the specialist function drastically. The internal communications specialist in the past who created a communications plan and messaging for one audience only is a thing of the past because social media and internal hubs can be used for external … [Read more...]

Skills Building: Media Relations

At Chaloner, we work exclusively in the world of PR and communications and have for over 30 years. Because of this, we get to see emerging trends and changes in different communications spaces. Over the next few weeks, I will explore different techniques, trends, and tips in specific communications functions. This week, I want to focus on media relations and the way digital communication is becoming a part of the pitching process. It’s fair game, but be respectful: Communications … [Read more...]

PR Close-Up: What are 2016 Trends?

At Chaloner, we work extensively in the realm of public relations across all services and industries. We get an inside look at how PR is changing and growing. Here are some exciting emerging trends: Thought leadership is a priority As John Halls said in a recent Forbes article, increasing emphasis is being placed on thought leadership in the PR sphere. Thought leaders are experts in their space, and bring innovative ideas into fruition in a repeatable way. Not only are companies looking for … [Read more...]

How Millennials View Reputation

This week's blog post was guest-written by Nicole Silverberg, executive assistant in Chaloner's NY office. Here on The Interview Room, we’ve investigated what it means to be a Millennial in today’s workforce. After all, there are more than 53 million employed Millennials: over one third of employed Americans overall. We know that Millennials are invested in a company’s mission and culture, but according to new research released by Weber Shandwick and the Institute for Public Relations … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Numbers?

In an interview setting, conversation can tend to live in the land of really good ideas and not enough in the world of nitty gritty numbers. It’s easy for this to happen given that so much of the conversation is hypothetical; what you might do for this company, what you think could happen in this role, etc. “It’s important for PR candidates – like all other job candidates – to understand that prospective employers hire results, not responsibilities,” reminds career coach, Vivian VanLier. So … [Read more...]

Before the Interview

“Being unprepared heightens nerves,” says virtuoso flute player, James Galway. He would know; an unrehearsed performance is as painful as an unprepared job interview. If nothing else, walking in the room with your homework done will give you confidence. Your preparation will demonstrate your work ethic to the employer, as well as your sincere interest in the role at hand.  Look at what the company’s saying Too often I hear clients say they were disappointed in a candidate’s lack of awareness … [Read more...]

Interview Question: What Inspires You?

Starting this December, I am going to pose one great interview question every month. I will break down what a successful answer to that question might include and also what to avoid in your response. Hopefully, this will be a useful tool for hiring managers and job seekers alike. “What or who inspires you and how do you inspire others?” This is one of my favorite questions as it sheds light on what drives someone, how they got to where they are and how they function on a team. It is a … [Read more...]

The Ted Chaloner Learning Fund

Last month, we announced the retirement of our founder, Ted Chaloner, and I have just returned from Boston where we held several events to honor and celebrate his career. This included making a major announcement at the PRSA Boston annual meeting where I unveiled the partnership with PRSA Boston to launch The Ted Chaloner Learning Fund. This multi-year endowment will provide early and mid-level career chapter members with access to learning opportunities in the social impact communications … [Read more...]

What to Expect When You’re Interviewing: Part Three

The Callback My coach used to say that a team wins playoffs by doing what they do well better. The same applies to the second round of interviews: the post season. You had to earn some victories to get there so you can feel confident in your standing, but you must now play better than you ever have before. How will these conversations be different and how can you prepare to seal the deal? Review the tapes Good teams devote time to watching tapes of their old games to identify and correct … [Read more...]

What to Expect When You’re Interviewing

Part One: Talking to the Recruiter In many cases, a conversation with a recruiter is the gateway to your candidacy. Even if you come to the hiring manager’s attention through a referral, if they are partnering with a recruiter on the search you will often be screened by him/her first. How can you prepare for this initial conversation? Is it the same as an interview? What should you expect to be asked? Expect to tell your story. The recruiter has already looked at your resume and … [Read more...]