Marketing Tips and Trends from FutureM

Three of our team members recently attended the FutureM Conference at INBOUND in Boston. Rebecca, Christine and Swetha were new to the conference, which is only in its second year. Still, 10,000 people came from all over the country for both conferences and there were international attendees as well. Our team came back with fresh insight on the state of the industry, and an exciting report about what lies ahead. It’s a good time to be good at marketing. “There’s a race to recruit marketing … [Read more...]

Making the Most of an Internship

We are fortunate to have two interns at Chaloner right now – Swetha Nagaraj has just started at our Boston office and Emily Kelly is finishing up a summer working in New York. Swetha is a graduate student at Emerson College and Emily is entering her senior year at Loyola University in Maryland. These women are expert interns, having both held internships before this one. They have some good insight on how to both contribute, and absorb, as much as possible from such an opportunity. Did you … [Read more...]

What I Look For

Sometimes our clients will provide us with about five non-negotiable criteria for candidates to meet; skills they must possess or experience they have to have to be considered for a specific role. Of course this varies across positions and companies, but there are several items we see cropping up again and again. I compared notes with the other recruiters in our office to come up with those criteria we are asked to identify most frequently these days. Leading up, down, and across For … [Read more...]

Leading by Example

Here on The Interview Room, we focus on practical advice for job seekers and hiring managers. In most cases, that advice involves thinking about the process and decisions ahead. However, in this season of reflections and resolutions, I’ve been thinking about my own career path – a path I wouldn’t have walked had it not been for the support and encouragement of our founder and CEO, Ted Chaloner. If you’ve worked in communications for any length of time, you probably know Ted by reputation, for … [Read more...]

Taking a Risk- Good or Bad?

In our searches for communications and marketing positions, the term "risk taker" is often used when Chaloner clients describe what kind of people they are looking for. We rarely see the phrase "play it safe" in career advice columns or job descriptions.  I am impressed with candidates who take on new challenges in their careers. It might be moving to a new employer for greater opportunity or into a new industry, or it might mean taking on new responsibilities for the same company. It might be … [Read more...]

Still In Fashion-Consistency

It's not what you do once that shapes your reputation, but what you do consistently. These days, you hear a lot about innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking and risk taking. It's almost as if you have to be different to succeed. Not that those things are bad or irrelevant, no, they're important. My last post was about innovation. It's just that there's something to be said for consistency too. I'm in my 11th year at CHALONER and I am proud of the fact that I can look back at what I've … [Read more...]

The Ten Minute Interview (Part Two)

Last week, I posted about helpful interview skills after my stint as a coach at New York Women in Communication’s Night of the Coaches event. Since many of the attendees were just out of college, a lot of the questions centered around informational interviews, and how to get the most out of them. Often informational interviews are granted when a personal connection is made on behalf of the candidate. That networking might be achieved through a college career services department, a … [Read more...]