a national executive search firm


Chaloner has a long and successful history placing top talent at a wide variety of for- and non-profit organizations.

We place Communications, Marketing and Public Relations professionals at all levels.

  • We select a team of associates who will be dedicated to the search with one associate who will be designated the project manager and will be our client’s point of contact throughout the process.
  • We meet with the hiring manager, HR representative and members of the team who will take part in the interviewing process to solidify our understanding of the company, the position and the attributes of people who succeed in our client’s culture.
  • We develop a customized internal marketing plan that outlines how we will conduct the search.
  • We source candidates from a range of resources – our database, referral sources, industry associations and research. We have a robust database of over 70,000 (and growing) candidates that we keep current.
  • We thoroughly screen candidates in person or by phone by asking questions specifically tailored to our client’s search. Upon completion of our assessment of technical skills and cultural fit, we present our client with a detailed candidate profile along with a resume.
  • When our client invites a candidate in to interview, we handle all of the scheduling, ensure the candidate is prepared, and then correspond with candidates under consideration to let them know their status in the search and to schedule follow-up interviews.
  • We check references of the finalist(s), provide our client with detailed reference reports. When our client is ready to make an offer, we are available to extend the offer, negotiate terms and secure a start date.